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94% mash efficiency, easy as

Malt-pipe without bottom filter, and malt-pipe with bottom filter. Can YOU tell the difference?

We had a ball with Sunday’s brew-day. A slightly later start than normal but otherwise things got under-way as normal – the water was pre-heated, and once the recipe was finalised and weighed out, we milled the grain, the mash profile was

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Where there’s smoke – brewing with smoked malt

The launch of our Gladfield Manuka-Smoked Malt Homebrew Showcase offering up to 5kg of this malt for free has lead to a number of interesting conversations with homebrewers, with reactions ranging from “I can’t wait to brew with that” to “why would anyone

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Irish Moss for clearer beer?

Most of my reading this week has been catching up on the “Exbeeriments” presented on the brilliant Brulosophy blog. Every homebrewer uses techniques and ideas that have been passed on as “what you should do” but inevitably there are a few

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